English Diploma Course 2 (Technology in the News)

Course Schedule

Class Weekly Topics Online Assignments Materials/Quizzes OEL Agenda
1 Orientation and Course Overview  
2 Newspaper Formats Meeting 2 worksheet      
3 Types of Technology
Yahoo Finance
Meeting 3 worksheet      
4 News Discovery Segment Workshop I
Yahoo Finance
Meeting 4 worksheet   1+ OEL  
5 News Discovery Segment Workshop II Meeting 5 worksheet      
6 News Discovery Segment I News Discovery Segment 
Discussion Questions I
News Discovery Segment 
7 News Discovery Segment II News Discovery Segment 
Discussion Questions II
8 News Discovery Segment III News Discovery Segment 
Discussion Questions III
9 News Discovery Segment IV News Discovery Segment 
Discussion Questions IV
10 Science & Technology
Media Resources
Exercise Strategies
Meeting 10 worksheet Example OEL
Article 2020
11 Media Exercise  Prep I       
12 Media Exercise Prep II       
13 Media Exercise Prep III       
14 Media Exercise Quiz
Media Exercise Revision
15 Media Exercise Follow-up TOEIC® Exercises
Cycle 1- Oct. 20
Cycle 2- Nov. 15
Cycle 3- Nov. 30
Media Exercise Materials
Market Sector Presentation Materials

Course Can-do Goals