Academic Skills

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Class Weekly Topics Weekly Tasks
Proposal Preparation & Online Evaluations
Group Proposal Agenda
1 Orientation  
2 Writing Skills Sentence Patterns    
3 Scientific Method Defining the Scientific Method    
4 Scientific Method Dependent and Independent Variables    
5 Engineering Process Introduction to Kickstarter and Indiegogo    
6 Engineering Process Engineering Process in Action    
7 Engineering Process Product Idea    
8 Proposal Example Note Taking    
9 TED Talk Note Taking    
10 TED Talk Note Taking    
11 Group Proposal Discussion    
12 Group Proposal Proposal Preparation    
13 Group Proposal Proposal Preparation    
14 Proposal Presentation Proposal Materials & Online Evaluations Group Proposal  
15 Proposal Presentation Proposal Reflection & Online Evaluations Group Proposal  

Course Can-do Goals