Academic Skills

Course Schedule

Class Weekly Topics Foundation, Applied,
Proposal Preparation Tasks
HW TOEIC Group Proposal Agenda
1 Defining Skill Sets  
2 Writing Skills Sentence Patterns
Brainstorming / Pros and Cons
  Cycle 1

Cycle 2

Cycle 3
3 Writing Skills Outlining and Key Sentences      
4 Scientific Method Defining the Scientific Method      
5 Scientific Method Dependent and Independent Variables      
6 Engineering Process Introduction to Quirky, Edison Nation, and Kickstarter HW6    
7 Engineering Process Engineering Process in Action      
8 Engineering Process Project Development      
9 Writing Skills/
TED Talk
Writing Feedback/
Note Taking
10 TED Talk Note Taking      
11 TED Talk Discussion      
12 TED Talk Proposal Preparation      
13 TED Talk Proposal Preparation      
14 Proposal Presentation Proposal Materials   Group Proposal  
15 Proposal Presentation Proposal Reflection
& Evaluations
  Group Proposal  

Course Can-do Goals