Computer-based Learning Skills

Course Schedule

Class Internet-based Activities Self-study Activities Agenda
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1 Tutorial Orientation  
2 Browsing 1 Listening Bring earphones!  
3 Browsing 2 Discussion  
4 Science Sites Listening Bring earphones!  
5 Searching 1 Discussion  
6 Searching 2 Listening Bring earphones!  
7 Searching 3 Discussion  
8 Bulletin Board Systems Listening Bring earphones!  
9 Chat Systems Discussion  
10 Social Media Listening Bring earphones!  
11 EFL Communication Resources Discussion  
12 EFL Writing & Grammar Resources Listening Bring earphones!  
13 EFL Self-study Resources Discussion  
14 EFL Listening Resources Listening Bring earphones!  
15 Internet Activities Reflections Discussion  

Course Can-do Goals

Reading Skills

  1. I can read online text that is 3–4 pages long and moderately complex.
  2. I can quickly find the information that I’m looking for in an online 3–4 page text.
  3. I can quickly get the gist of an online 3–4 page text.
  4. I can read and understand both concrete and abstract language, dealing with facts, opinions and feelings.
  5. I can sometimes infer the meaning of a new word by the context or by the use of prefixes and suffixes in the word.
  6. I can paraphrase and summarize the main points of a reading section.
  7. I can use an English dictionary for ESL learners for confirmation and to be more precise.

Speaking Skills

  1. I can participate in a small group discussion and express my opinions, feelings and reservations about a topic.
  2. I can correct myself or rephrase what I said when I know that people do not understand me.
  3. I can use a variety of sentence structures and idioms.
  4. I can ask people to repeat when I don’t understand.
  5. I can use a number of strategies to keep a conversation going.
  6. I can agree or disagree with another person’s opinions.

Listening Skills

  1. I can understand routine, classroom-related conversation.
  2. I can understand a range of common vocabulary and a few idioms.
  3. I can understand native speakers when they speak quickly to one another, although I might still have trouble.
  4. I can identify the most important words in a story.
  5. I can identify the main ideas, key details, and inferred meanings from listening passages of up to five minutes.
  6. I can listen to a short news clip and remember 7–10 points.

IT Skills

  1. I can use critical browsing skills to quickly find information on a web site.
  2. I can use advanced searching techniques to quickly find information on the internet.
  3. I can use a specialized search engine to find specific, specialized information.
  4. I can use the netiquette guidelines properly.
  5. I can participate in synchronous and asynchronous internet-based communication.
  6. I can use EFL sites to further my English studies.
  7. I can access and complete an online examination.
  8. I can access and watch the videos for this course.
  9. I can access and listen to the audio files for this course.

Academic Skills

  1. I can identify the important parts of a lecture and take notes in English.
  2. I can follow written instructions in class.
  3. I can follow verbal instructions in class.
  4. I can work with others in a group to develop a consensus.
  5. I can use a thesaurus properly.